Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

24 Aug

An air conditioning system, popularly an AC, is essentially many parts of heating, cooling, air cleaning, air movement, and humidification brought together to optimize a home's air environment. With so many parts involved, should one system develop a problem, it may cause the entire system to stop working as expected. It is important that you know how diagnose where the problem is, and if you cannot fix it yourself, get a professional to have a look at it. Here are a few ideas that you will find useful in troubleshooting common AC system problems.

The AC cannot turn on

This is the most common problem homeowners have to deal with today. If the AC system cannot initiate, the first thing you should do is check whether it gets power. This means scrutinizing the power fuses, checking whether the circuit breaker is tripped, and ensuring that there are no broken wires that interrupt the power supply to the unit. If all these are not the cause of the problem, the next best thing is to find a professional AC repair Woodstock.

Glitches in the thermostat

Improperly calibrated thermostat may fail to turn the air condition on or off when it should. If you have set the thermostat to the lowest temperature setting but still cannot power the AC on, it may be time to call an expert AC repair Woodstock to diagnose and recalibrate the Mitsubishi ductless split systems Woodstock. Newer programmable thermostats may be a challenge to program, therefore, if you have one of this at your place, consult the thermostat manual before taking any step.

Inefficient cooling of the AC system

If you notice that your AC unit does not cool the entire room or house efficiently or the air feels 'sticky', it is usually a sign of low refrigerant resulting from a leak or undercharge during installation. The AC system will not efficiently remove water vapor and reduce the heat in the air if the refrigerant is not at the right level. It is a good idea to find an AC repair Woodstock technician to find out where the leak is, if any, and to restore the efficient operation of the system. For more facts about HVAC, visit this website at

Condenser problems

It is not uncommon for the condenser coil to fail, resulting in poor discharging of heat extracted from the air. The condenser is a part of the outdoor with a very important job of discharging extracted heat. When it fails, the entire AC unit will be inefficient and will be exposed to soot, dirt, and other pollutants. It is recommended that you get a technician to clean the coil interface to restore the efficiency of the system.

Woodstock gets uncomfortably hot during the summer. If you are having problems with your AC Repair Strasburg systems, the ultimate solution is to find a dependable AC repair Woodstock technician and keep their number on your speed dial.

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